Kuala Lumpur Real Estate Market – A Quick Overview

Cash flow is hardly unidirectional, and in the fast-changing competitive world, the person who succeeds to diversify cash flow in the most practical way stays ahead in the race. Saving for the future in a manner that will return you more than what you invest, at least the optimism of not losing it, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Continue reading “Kuala Lumpur Real Estate Market – A Quick Overview”

Buying a luxury condo in Bali: Tips for investors

Bali is a popular resort island for many tourists, especially Australians and other westerners. It has some of the best performing property market values in Asia with luxury property prices having increased 15% year-to-year. Recently, the market has stagnated due to continuous uptrend but also because of problems with local infrastructure (lack of clean water) and oversupply of property due to lack of property zoning regulations. But there are still plenty of opportunities for investment in condos for sale in Bali. Let’s take a look how foreign property ownership works in Indonesia, which option is best for you, and where to buy. Continue reading “Buying a luxury condo in Bali: Tips for investors”

Top Traits of a Great Home Rental Agency in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the best European countries for work and living. The average wages are quite high and the people are wonderful. The country is beautiful and culturally at its peak. At the same time, it is one of the smallest ones in the entire continent. Because of that, finding a place to stay there is one of the most challenging things. Continue reading “Top Traits of a Great Home Rental Agency in Luxembourg”