Buying a Townhouse

Buying a Townhouse – Important Tips

Townhouses are a great option for people with larger families. Townhouses are large and spacious. Ideally, the average townhouse has anywhere between three and six bedrooms, along with a terrace and other features. However, it’s not easy to buy a townhouse, especially if you are looking at properties in other countries. In Bangkok, the Phrom Phong neighbourhood is one of the most affluent places to live. There are gorgeous townhouses lining the streets and the spacious roads are great for an evening walk. If you are looking to buy a townhouse in Phrom Phong, here are a few tips to help you make a better purchase. Continue reading “Buying a Townhouse – Important Tips” »

Property Investment Business

Top Tips for Running a Successful Property Investment Business

Investing in property is a smart move right now. Demand for rental housing is high and the property market is on the rise once again. But whilst it might seem like easy money to buy a few properties, do them up and then let them out to tenants, it isn’t quite as easy as it first appears and if you don’t run your business properly, you could end up losing money. This article is intended to give you an oversight of what you need to run a successful property investment business, so read on for some helpful tips. Continue reading “Top Tips for Running a Successful Property Investment Business” »

Ready to Buy a Home – Really?

Most of us reach a point in our lives when we think we are ready to buy our own home. If you’ve been thinking that yourself lately … pause for a minute and examine your reasons carefully. After all, home ownership is possibly the largest single investment of your lifetime and such a momentous decision deserves careful consideration. I am going to help you think this through by asking a few questions that will stimulate some introspection. Continue reading “Ready to Buy a Home – Really?” »