Top Tips for Running a Successful Property Investment Business

Investing in property is a smart move right now. Demand for rental housing is high and the property market is on the rise once again. But whilst it might seem like easy money to buy a few properties, do them up and then let them out to tenants, it isn’t quite as easy as it first appears and if you don’t run your business properly, you could end up losing money. This article is intended to give you an oversight of what you need to run a successful property investment business, so read on for some helpful tips. (more…)

Dealing with death: the work involved as an Executor

Whilst dealing with a death is always difficult, there are still a lot of financial and legal duties that need to be carried out. This can be quite a bit of work, so it helps to know what you’re doing in advance. That said, the process itself can provide valuable experience. (more…)

Can I Really Afford that Home? What You Need to Know

A house is one of the biggest purchases that you will likely make in your entire life. This is why it is absolutely necessary to find the right house for you not only in terms of specifications, but also in budget. Purchasing a home isn’t as easy as swiping your credit card or signing a few papers. You have to understand the factors at play such as your monthly income, your expenses, your credit score, the down payment terms, current interest rates and available financing schemes. With so many elements involved, it can get confusing to know just exactly how much home can you really afford. (more…)

Buying Condominiums: Some Essential Tips

The condominiums are a lot cheaper and much smaller than the single family homes. Besides that, they may come equipped with several attractive amenities like fitness facilities, swimming pools etc. Below, we have presented some essential tips for people looking to buy condominiums. (more…)

Maintaining Your House To Get The Best Offer For Sale

Every individual dreams and desires to own a house and with the booming real estate market and rising prices a decent and fairly priced home is very difficult to find. Therefore people are in the hunt for house owners who are willing to sell off their house at a decent price. As buying a house is not an everyday work, hence the buyers carefully scrutinize each and every aspect thoroughly before finalizing the deal. Therefore for prospective sellers it is imperative that they maintain their house well and keep all the documents ready and available in an organized manner as this will increase the chances of getting a better deal manifold. (more…)

Leasing Vs Renting: A Discussion

Often the other option we try that purchasing a home is renting or leasing real estates. If you are new to the real estate industry, the terms renting and leasing may be confusing for you; this article will inform you about the differences between leasing and renting. (more…)

Real Estate in Pattaya

Our staff have been working with real estate in Pattaya since 2012 and have developed an exceptional relationship with people and agencies within the industry. We are experienced in liaising with land agencies for our customers and can ensures that title deeds, planning permission and other property related legal documents are processed correctly and in the fastest possible time. (more…)

Real Estate Business Finance and Business Opportunity Investing

This overview will offer some candid thoughts about commercial financing and commercial real estate loans plus an overview of primary reasons for purchasing commercial investment property or buying a business. An increasingly disturbing climate for residential real estate investing has motivated investors to evaluate business opportunity options and business real estate investment property. (more…)

How to Rent an Office in Hong Kong

1. Understand the different business districts in Hong Kong and choose wisely per your requirement. Central is the most-in-demand area as it is located in the nerve center of Hong Kong; Sheung Wan is an old business district in North-west Hong Kong and it is famous for its dried seafood trade businesses; Wai Chai and Causeway Bay are near Central and are densely populated areas dotted with commercial complexes. (more…)

Real Estate Investment in Asia

On recognizing the potentials and opportunities that many of the Asian countries render, scores of international companies and local corporations have now started to enter the Asian property market. This in turn has led to a soaring demand for both commercial and residential property in Asia, thereby boosting the real estate prices. (more…)

Why invest now in the USA property market?

In our view, today’s market conditions in the USA present a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity for investors who want to build capital as fast as possible, generate high levels of income and create exceptional capital growth. (more…)