Do’s and don’ts regarding your estate agents

When you are selling through an estate agent remember that they have your best interest at heart. After all if your properties don`t sell they don`t get their commission. Here are some guide pointers on do`s and don`ts with regards to conducting business with your Estate agent.

DO try to build a relationship with the Estate agent. It can work wonders and you will find that you are getting honest feedback about the marketing of your property for sale.

DO realise that your agent has other clients too. Estate Agents with lots of properties on their market guide generate lots of buyers, which is exactly what you want.

DO keep them informed of any changes to your position or circumstances regarding the property for sale.

Do give them a guide price you expect from the sale of your property.

DO make sure that the agent can get hold of you easily. If he/she has a client in the office wanting to view your property and they can`t get in touch with you the buyer may decide to look at other properties.

DO take the agents advice with regard to the guide price if your property for sale has been on the market for more than 12 weeks.

DO plan regular updates on your properties for sale with the Estate Agents.

DO ask the agents to detail what the marketing plan is, so that you know what they are doing about the properties for sale.

DO always keep the communication corridor open between you and the Estate Agent. Never let communication break down to such an extent that neither party wants to phone the other. You have a mutual interest in selling your properties.


DON’T wander into the estate agents office demanding an update regarding the marketing of your property. Make an appointment to come in and see your contact/guide. That way you won’t get quickly made-up excuses but a properly thought-out update.

DON’T ring up every time you go out of the house just to let them know that you will be out of your property.

DON’T blame the Estate agent if a potential buyer fails to turn up. It is usually the buyer’s fault.

DON’T forget that they know the market far better than you, especially when it comes to guide prices.