Property Sales in UK Highest in 18 Month Period

Property Sales in UK Highest in 18 Month Period, according to the recent property sales figures released by the National association of Estate agents. The last few months has seen more than one report that shows an improvement in the property market in UK. After many months of news and blog posts highlighting the downward trend in international as well as UK property market, it seems that good news for the property market has finally started to appear. While it is still early to expect the property market in UK as well globally to recover from continuous losses and declines in property prices over the months, any news or report that shows an improvement in the property market can only be good news for Estate Agents as well as hope owners. Recent news showing slight improvements in different areas of the property market has been welcomed by Estate Agents, Home owners and property investors.

The past few months has seen more than one report or news item that will of interest to property analysts. According to the National association of Estate Agents in UK, the houses sold by Estate Agents in the month of April has increased. According to the report, Estate agents in UK have sold more houses in April than in any month in the last 15 months. The new report by the National Association of Estate Agents is significant as the property prices in all sectors, houses and flats have been falling continuously month on month. Property sales figures across all areas need to increase repeatedly month over month before a full recovery of the property industry in UK is possible.

The report on houses sold shows an improvement for Estate agents who on an average have sold ten properties in April. This is up from an average of eight properties sold per Estate agent in the month of March. The figure had declined to its lowest point in the middle of last year when on an average, Estate agents only managed to sell five properties each.

According to the National Association of Estate Agents, the increase in property sales in April is only of the many positive indicators highlighted by recent studies and reports published across the UK. Combined with other reports published recently by various independent property analysts and groups, this is the most consistent improvement witnessed by the property industry since the beginning of the year.

Towards the end of last year, any improvement in the property industry seemed a distant future. The property industry had fallen to its lowest point. The demand for property ahs remained strong across the recession, however the consumer confidence had fallen to its lowest. The recent figures show that the confidence in the property market has started to rise.