Fort York condos for sale: Ten Reasons Why Anyone Would Buy a Condo in Fort York Toronto

A recent survey conducted by showed that Torontonians prefer bikable and walkable neighborhoods that have access to excellent public transport. Fort York is one of the neighborhoods that match those criteria.

However, Fort York has to offer much more than that. But, because everyone seems to care about those two elements, let’s start with them and list the top ten reasons why Torontonians can’t stop buying condos in Fort York.

1.     Fort York’s public transport

Fort York has not one but two dedicated TTC streetcar lines – the 511 Bathurst that takes you north up to the Bathurst subway station and the 509 that goes east to Union Station. According to, Fort York’s transport has a 98/100 exceptionally high score.

Fort York Toronto

2.     Fort York is very walkable

Based on data and estimates from, Fort York is a very walkable area with a score of 88. That means the average resident in this neighborhood can get most of their errands on foot, and almost all the top spots there are within a twenty-minute walk.

3.     Excellent bicycling infrastructure calls Fort York’s bike infrastructure excellent, flat as a pancake, and biker’s paradise. They give this neighborhood a score of 93. That means it is super easy to navigate the area on your bike as there many miles of bike lanes, plus there is the Waterfront Trail that can take you north, west, and east.

4.     Condos in Fort York are affordable

On average, compared to King West and Liberty Village, Fort York condos for sale are more affordable.

Fort York Toronto

5.     Toronto started there

Not that far from Fort York is the earliest Toronto settlement. They chose that area because of a simple reason that still holds today – it is a great place to be. It was great for the first settlers, and it remains today.

6.     For York is an up-and-coming neighborhood

Big parts of Fort York are still in development, and many more are to be added in the future. There is a new library, a new park, and many new residential buildings underway. Based on that alone, it is fair to say that property value will increase significantly in the near future. If you are interested in grabbing the value early, then there is no better time than then present to invest.

7.     Fort York’s art-deco style

If you spend some time exploring the neighborhood, you will notice the Art-Deco sense of style throughout the area. There are quite a few 20th-century industrial style buildings that give you that particular impression.

Fort York Toronto

8.     Plenty of green spaces

People who love running, cycling, and outdoor activities will find Fort York exceptionally appealing. There is a massive amount of land covered with green, and there are at least half a dozen parks in the making. Plus, the lake is just a few minutes away.

9.     Easy Commute

It is super easy to get to the Gardiner Expressway. Once you hit the Gardiner Expressway, you can go anywhere you want. Getting out or in the city is very convenient and fast, which is very appreciated by locals.

10. Fort York has Starbucks

This is important for many people – having a Starbucks in your neighborhood.

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