The Real Estate Help You Really Want

We are overwhelmed by the positive response that we have gotten in Colorado Springs Colorado from the wonderful people using Real Help Real Estate. Many have expressed years of frustration trying to simply get the information that they want on other sites.

Susan said “I’m so glad that I don’t have to pull my car up to my neighbor’s house and feel bad about taking a flier from their box. Now I already know what their home is listed for, and better yet, I know when there are any changes to their sales price or if the home sells. It comes right to my inbox! Thanks Real Help.”

Mark and Kelli love the “My Homes Value” feature. “We have been thinking about listing our home for years but we thought that we were under water. The value we saw on Zillow seemed really low. The Real Help home value was so easy to do. We were surprised that an actual Real Estate Broker took the time to give us his appraisal of our home. We really didn’t think we could get that without paying. We’re not ready to list yet, but now we know our home’s real value, and when we do, it will be with Real Help’s DIY listing feature.”

Most real estate agents do a very poor job of communicating with potential customers. We are dedicated to excellent communication and timely response. In addition, we are willing to share the commission earned in transactions with the customer in order to entice that customer to participate in the process of buying or selling a home via the website.

Currently there are approximately 1000 homes per month sold in the Colorado Springs area. No local realtors that we have ever seen have ever taken the approach that we do propose. Companies such as Zillow and Trulia have taken a different approach towards providing information to consumers with much success. We provide the information in a more usable format, and also provide assistance to the consumer when they are ready to make a decision to buy or sell. Ron Mast has been a licensed real estate broker owner for over 20 years. He has extensive background in both mortgage and real estate. Ron has been named real estate broker of the year in Colorado Springs three times. He has personally closed hundreds of transactions and worked with hundreds of clients. He has created and run companies with over 300 employees operating in 48 states, and servicing through seven distinct office locations. He is dedicated to superior customer service and communication. He believes that there is no limitation to the ability to expand our reach through the successful assistance of customers.