7 Traits That Clients Want Their Realtors to Have

There are a lot of factors that affect a client’s decision to buy a property. First and foremost, the cost of the property and your budget should at least meet halfway. The location, size, and structure should be in the specification of the client’s property needs. And last but not least, there is a real estate agent or realtor that accommodates the transaction. Here are some of the things that a client values when dealing with a real estate agent.

1.     Has different contact methods

When you’re a realtor, you will meet different kinds of people with different contact preferences. Some will want to contact you via email, while some will prefer contact via calls. There are even people who prefer contact via instant messaging and social media sites. For prospective clients to make contact, you should have several contact methods in tow for your business.

2.     Has easy to use websites

For visibility and organic advertisements, SEO for real estate websites are necessary. But an easy-to-find website is not worth it if it’s not easy to use. Not all people who will visit your listings will have computer experience. Don’t forget to accommodate those who get all the things done on their phone, even real property hunting.

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3.     Clear and detailed listings

No clients want to see incomplete listings that don’t list the important things. Specific details such as swimming pools, gardens, and other factors should be included in the listings. Some specific details, such as the bathroom and bedroom numbers, should be included. Make a drone photo version or a virtual tour 360 photos to add more value to the listing.

4.     Mastery of the craft

Clients like to work with agents that are knowledgeable in their field. This includes being familiar with the whole process of purchasing and the whole real estate market. Take note that clients are not required to get the help of a realtor, but are willing to pay for the convenience and fewer tasks.

5.     Fast response

A real estate agent should be ready to answer inquiries about a property in a fast way. Try to respond to any inquiry within a day or a couple of hours at least. Good communication skills are a must, as you need to make sure the details are clear and understandable.

6.     Presentation

The way you present yourself is also considered by your client. If you’re not looking confident in your skills, the client can sense this and might try to find someone else to do the job. Negotiation skills are also necessary, and means you can recognize what the client wants to achieve and compromise.

7.     Great reviews

Review sites for real estates like Zillow make it easier for clients to find the right agent for them. Just like Airbnb and other online shops, good reviews will enable you to get more clients in the future. Strive always to get positive reviews to bolster your reputation in your industry.