Buying a Townhouse – Important Tips

Townhouses are a great option for people with larger families. Townhouses are large and spacious. Ideally, the average townhouse has anywhere between three and six bedrooms, along with a terrace and other features. However, it’s not easy to buy a townhouse, especially if you are looking at properties in other countries. In Bangkok, the Phrom Phong neighbourhood is one of the most affluent places to live. There are gorgeous townhouses lining the streets and the spacious roads are great for an evening walk. If you are looking to buy a townhouse in Phrom Phong, here are a few tips to help you make a better purchase.

Hiring a Reliable Agent

One of the first things that you need to do is hire a reliable real estate agent. Given the fact that Bangkok is such a busy city, real estate agents are difficult to find. There’s one agency on every other corner. However, you need somebody who really knows the neighbourhood of Phrom Phong and can help you get the best deals. You can’t negotiate with the buyer directly, which is why you need a real estate agent.

Agents usually get a commission from both parties for finalising a deal. However, you don’t want to rush into anything. That’s why you need a reliable agent on your side. To find a good agent, start by visiting some local websites of real estate agencies within the area and read what others have to say. There are many websites where you can find reviews from other customers about certain real estate agencies.

Buying a Townhouse

Explore the Area

Before you finalise any property, it is always wise to explore the area.  Phrom Phong is a pretty large neighbourhood, so it will be in your best interests to explore the area. It is always better to decide where you want to live before you start looking at properties.

Talk to the Agent

Even if a certain townhouse is well very constructed, it might not be the best choice for you. There are many things that you need to ask the agent before you decide to buy the property. For instance, ask about the water supply and any specific community rules that you should know before moving in. It is always wise to talk to the neighbours in order to get an idea of the kind of people who live there. Ideally, the real estate agent will help you get in touch with the neighbours and others, such as the community head (if there is one). You should also ask the agent about any maintenance obligations that you will have to shoulder. Since your house will be one of many in a row, you will usually be asked to contribute to a monthly maintenance fund. Get all the information before you finalise the deal.

Buying a Townhouse