Buying Property in Cyprus

Cyprus properties

We at Sainte Baume Immo are well aware of the impact on your life when buying in Cyprus for the first time. We are here to help ensure that buying in Cyprus is a life-enhancing one, by making the process itself as smooth as possible. (more…)

Mortgages in Scotland Worst in UK

Mortgages in Scotland

The property industry has been one of the worst hit in the recent economic recession. Mortgages have become tougher to receive as lenders are cautious in approving new mortgage loans. (more…)

Government Encouragement Sought For Landlord Entrepreneurs

The Association of Residential Landlords (ARLA) says the forthcoming budget is an “open goal” for the Chancellor to encourage investment in the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) and support growth in the economy. In ARLA’s budget submission, the body has urged the government to support this growth by removing prohibitive barriers to further investment. (more…)