Real Estate Investment in Asia

On recognizing the potentials and opportunities that many of the Asian countries render, scores of international companies and local corporations have now started to enter the Asian property market. This in turn has led to a soaring demand for both commercial and residential property in Asia, thereby boosting the real estate prices. Further, the continent is home to a substantial number of incredible tourist destinations, which in turn has spurred the growth of hotel and resort industry. Residential property also serves as an excellent long term investment in Asia, yielding handsome profit.

One of the greatest advantages of investing in Asian real estate is that it allows investors to participate in broad based growth of property throughout the region. Liberal tax law systems, low interest rates, and easy availing of mortgage finance are the other key benefits of investing in Asian market. However, the success of investing in a property in Asia are affected by certain factors including investor poise, profit margins on development projects, economic qualms, rental yields, and operating cost.