Safeguard Your Property Against Frauds

Buying a property is a complex process and entails lots of paper work, legal documentation, and authentic information regarding the property is needed to safeguard your ownership rights and to ensure that you are not cheated and stuck in a legal litigation.

To safeguard your interests while buying a property a new software isarita will be launched in all property registration offices, whereby you will have all the information you need pertaining to the property you intend to buy just by a click.

This initiative will bring a transparency in the property deals and will prevent frauds, particularly in the cases where the single property is sold to multiple buyers.

The software isarita will detect in minutes whether the property has been sold, or whether the title of the said property is clear, as the entire data from the various offices and departments is centralized and stores in the compact disc.

This software will bring down the practices of forged property sales and will enable the bankers and lenders to provide loans for the property in a speedy and efficient manner.