Selling a home: Don’t Let Simple Seller Mistakes Rob Your Bottom Line

Selling a home is an involved process and should always be done so with the help of a professional. There are useful tips here to help ease the stress of this complicated transaction.

Mistake # 1 Trying to sell your own home.

If your car broke down you would take it to a mechanic, right? If you were sick you would go to the doctor, so why would you jeopardise you and your family future by trying to sell your own home. It is a proven fact that listing your property with a Realtor will typically result in a 15% higher selling price. That means that after paying the commission of your Realtor you should still net around 9% more and
sell your home much quicker.

 Mistake # 2 Choosing the wrong agent.

You should always choose an agent who is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. First impressions are everything, if you do not feel comfortable with your agent why would the buyers? Find out what their marketing plans are, if and when they are going to hold  your house open, what kind of publications will be used and how  will the internet marketing be displayed and on which sites.

 Mistake # 3 Basing the asking price on emotion  need or the highest price.

We understand that you may many years of attachment to your home, but the buyers do not and memories do not make your home worth more. If you are moving to an area that has a more expensive housing market you can not price your home for that market because you need the extra to move. A bad mistake  is using the agent that gives you the highest price, while the  price may look good on paper if it is not based on the  market it will not draw the neccessary intrest and result in
a no sales.

 Mistake # 4 Failing to stage correctly.

Staging your home is very important because the way you see  your home may not be the best way to show it to others. You should get family and friends to help you re-arrange some furniture  in your home. If you are selling a higher priced home that is vacant I recommend using the help of professional stagers, it is easier for buyers to picture themself in the home if it not bare.

 Mistake # 5 Signing a contract with no way out.

You should make sure you have a way to get out of the contract  if you are not satisfied with the quality of work being done. To get stuck with a “bad ” Realtor is not a good thing.

 Mistake # 6 Failing to take the first offer seriously.

You should take every offer as serious as possible. Treat every offer as your only offer. Many home owners reject the first offer  without even considering it, because they hope/think there will be more. Consider the terms of the offer and if you can live with them don’t just disregard it, there may be a better offer out there but there may not be.

 Mistake # 7 Not leaving the home for showings.

My advice is always leave the house for open houses, showings etc… The buyers will be able to look more seriously at the home when you’re not present. They feel more pressure when you are there also they get more distracted especially if you have children.

 Mistake # 8 Not knowing all your legal rights and obligations.

You should speak with a real estate attorney A.S.A.P. when you want to sell your home. Your Realtor may be able to help with some general concerns but are not allowed to give any sort of legal advice. You need to be kept informed on when/if you should order inspections, when/if you should back out of a deal and many
other concerns that you may not know on your own.

 Mistake # 9 Leaving unpleasant odors.

We know you may have a pet or just cooked salmon for dinner,  but many daily household odors are a turn off to potential home  buyers and some may be offensive. Many buyers can’t get past the odor of a home because most odors stay with them as part of their first impression. Even the most beautiful home can a turn off if it
smells of burnt bologna sandwiches. Take some small steps to control bad odors like don’t cook “stinky” food before a showing  and if you have pets clean your carpets and fabrics regularly. A little odor goes a long way.

 Mistake # 10 Not considering curb appeal.

If your home is not well-maintained on the outside, potential home buyers won’t make it past the front steps. You need them to be satisfied with the curb appeal to get them inside. You could have the most desirable home in the city but if your yard is a mess you  will never get the buyers inside and potentially lose a lot of intrest.
First impressions are everything so make yours a good one.